Monday, October 12, 2009

The Great Pizza Caper

Last night Mark and I decided to go down the the laundry room at our apartment so we could get on the internet for a few minutes. (Side note: No, we do not have internet right now. We either get it for free close to the club house place or borrow it from neighbors who share.)

Anyway, as we are walking down from our apartment, it looks like there might be someone in the laundry room. This is what it looks like from our balcony. See that stuff in the upper left corner of the doorframe? Yeah - we were not thrilled because it was me, Mark, Brinkley, and Miguel, and we knew it was going to be crowded. Here's the photo:

Okay. So. We walked down there and went inside to investigate further. There were no people there. Instead, this is what we found:

Yes, folks - there are SIX PIZZAS sitting there. FROM PAPA JOHNS... I don't know about you, but that's our favorite. So we feel the tops, and they are still relatively warm, and we look around and decide to peek in... check this out:

A whole, uneaten pizza. AND, that's "The Works". Our favorite pizza from Papa Johns. Who leaves 6 pizzas unattended in a public place? I asked Mark if he thought they were poisonous pizzas, and he said he didn't think so. Good.

Okay, now we have a dilemma. Uneaten, still warm pizzas from Papa Johns and no one around to claim them. They aren't technically ours, though. So what do we decide to do?

After brainstorming, Mark decided to set a timer. And if the pizzas were still there when the time runs out, they are fair game. So, we check our internet stuff and go back home to wait it out.

After time was up, we walked back down to the laundry room. And what did we find? The pizzas were STILL there.

We decided to take one.

But before taking it, we looked around, made sure no one was around... Here's Mark, trying to be sneaky.

The coast was clear, so Mark took off running toward the apartment, pizza in tow. Ha.

We made it back home with the pizza!!! WOOO!!!!!!! Here we are, celebrating our victory:

And then we put it in the fridge and went to bed.

Happy Monday!



  1. LOL you two are too cute! I completely agree with the plan! & at least you werent greedy you just took ONE!Yum enjoy.

    Happy Monday to you too =D

  2.'re much braver than me! Hilarious pictures! Perfect Monday post to make me smile!

  3. That is too funny! Your blog is so cute!!! Enjoy your newlywed days! :)

  4. This is hilarious!! I would have done the same thing. haha.

  5. That's crazy! I don't think I would have eaten them... Super funny.

  6. There's no good reason for me not to eat it as long as it's heated first. For the record, the rest of them still appeared to be there at around 6:45 am. We should have grabbed another.


  7. Somewhere there's a blog post about the 6 pizzas that were left in the laundry room and the 1 that disappeared.

  8. that's great!! bold and delicious! coming over from SITS - how do you do a blog without internet? better yet, how do you live without internet???

  9. Coming over from SITS! That was HILARIOUS! In fact, tweet worthy!! I loved the pictures! Very well written too! No wonder it's your favorite post!

  10. ::snort:: This is a hoot! You guys are so cool!


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