Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Great Hair Debacle of 2K10

Do you all remember how I discussed that my hair experienced a tragedy of mass proportions while I was on the choir tour? Well, those pictures have been recovered and are crying out to be shared.

So. I decided to let my friend, Emily, do my hair. Everyone always says how great she is with hair, and I need something great to happen to my hair, so I was all in.

Unfortunately, the photos don't start until AFTER the first hair disaster. Yes, I let her do my hair twice. The first time it was supposed to be loosely curled. After searching google images, I could not find a picture to really fully grasp Disaster Number One. So, imagine you or your mother's seventies style feathery hair with some 1990's curls and a little of Kelly Kapowski. And imagine the majority of the curls being on the bottom half of the hair. Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

Emily and the other girls decided it was absolutely necessary for me to wash and blow dry my hair so they could start over. And so the pictures begin.

Here is Emily, in hair washing process, immediately following Disaster Number One:

Notice here that hint of craziness in her eyes. I should have known.

Here I am, innocently believing that what was about to happen would be great, and would make Mark glad he married me.  Again, notice the crazy eyes.

So. After the hair washing, which actually went smoothly, I blow-dried the ole locks and then let Emily try again on my hair. How does that saying go... "Fool me once..." hmmm... anyway..... The look that was tried was the "wavy look" except when Emily described it to me, it sounded really cool. She took that Chi and "waved" my hair and I sat, imagining that Rapunzel herself would be jealous.

I knew something was going wrong when the girls didn't want me to look at the mirror. I mean, really, how is that a good sign?

Then, my hair stylist's sister, Elizabeth, was brought in to try to "undo the damage" of Disaster Number Two. Apparently once you've styled your hair with a Chi, it's really hard to undo it without frying your hair. The undoing didn't really undo. So, do you want to see what my hair looked like?

Yes, folks, that's my awesome hair style. "Wavy". And the best part was that there was no time to change it. So, I pony-tailed it, and sang my little heart out in the choir concert. By the end of the night, I gave up on my vanity and took down the ponytail and embraced Disaster Number Two. Here I am, with Elizabeth, emotionally recovered from said disaster, but clearly not physically recovered:

And so, I think it may be safe to say, Emily has "lost her touch".



  1. You look cute regardless of the disasters! :)

  2. hahaha, that's too funny! I've had many of such disasters in my life...always when a Chi is introduced!

  3. oh no! what a hilarious story- and you're too awesome for sucking it all up and putting a smile on :)

  4. Oh Kat.... I will never live this one down!!! Haha!

    But it did make for a great blog post!!! :) We WILL try again one day! Maybe I will succeed!


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