Thursday, July 8, 2010

Road Trip: Day of Cooking Out and Swimming

Well, today was another fun and relaxing day in Virginia. Unfortunately, my cousin's migraine worsened so she was out for the count for most of the day. So, Mark and I made another trip to the pool with the girls. This time we got some video footage and some pics. Let's just say the girls LOVED playing with Mark in the pool. I thought it was VERY comical, so I snapped several photos.

And Mark is in this pic, you just can't see him, because he is surrounded by girls:

And here I am with the cousins. The youngest one is Elizabeth, and it's been two years since I've seen her. She isn't four yet, so she doesn't exactly remember me. We were walking back to the car today and she looked up at me and randomly said, "I still don't remember you." ha.

Here is me and Mark. Yay!

Here are the girls sitting out of the pool for the grown-up swim time, with Mark in the pool. This is a video:

And here I am, talking to Elizabeth, and teaching her the peace sign, which is very crucial to learn:

And here's one final picture from the pool of my, Georgia, and Annie.

Tomorrow we are going to the Zoo. That should be pretty fabulous. And tonight we are cooking out. No photos of that yet.




  1. Cute photos!

    ~Aunt Mary

  2. You are so adorable and summery with your headband! :)

  3. Love the videos! Those girls are SUCH CUTIES! As are youuuuu! :) Makes me wanna go swimmin! I always hated grown-up time at the pool. It was like the best day of my life when I could get back in while all of the other kids were still hanging out on the side! BEST thing about being over 18! :-P


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