Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Road Trip Video Blog: Day 2, Part 2: WE MADE IT!

Okay, everyone! Here is the final portion of our video blog on our way to DC!

You should get very excited about these videos because they include me singing (duh), a dramatic story involving ice cream, and our almost arrival at our destination. So how can that not be cool?

So, here's the first one, with us coming upon Morgantown, West Virginia, which happens to be in a song by my girl, Joni Mitchell:

And this is after we were charged an outrageous price for some Ben and Jerry's, so I opted for another brand:

And finally, here I am, about to explode with excitement as we are pulling up to the house!

And there you have it!

We are here and so enjoying ourselves. We spent today getting the shopping out of the way. (-: We went to Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie mainly, and Whole Foods. I got four shirt and a pair of shorts and a skirt.But, I decided I'm taking the skirt back because it doesn't look as awesome as I thought it did at first, plus it was was $20, and that's kind of expensive. And I'm kinda cheap. What can I say? I want a house.

Anyway, tomorrow we are going to the museum of Natural History. So that should be fun!

Catch you guys later!



  1. The ice cream video was the best. Especialy when you said it doesn't cost that much in Oklahoma.

    And you totally should've made a video in Urban Outfitters because of all of the crazy {read: inappropriate} items they have in there. I'm sure that would've been a hoot!

    And I'm glad you still love each other since that wouldn't be good for our Life Group if you didn't. Just sayin'.

  2. Love the videos...and I agree, I would pay that much for ben and jerrys


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