Sunday, July 4, 2010

Road Trip Video Blog: Day One!

Hello from the road! We finished our first leg of our trip and have survived, but it only took us about 5 hours and 20 minutes. I guess you could call it a warm-up. We are in for a rude awakening tomorrow.

There's really not much need for me to chat on here, I'll let the videos speak for themselves. They are pretty priceless. Oh, and here's a picture of what Mark looks like while he's driving holding his cassettes:

And here I am, in the passenger seat:

Now that that's out of the way, we will start the video blog. There are five videos, approximately one minute long each.

This first video is right after we left. We were fresh and excited for the trip!

This second video is after I woke up from my nap and Mark talked a little. My apologies that I didn't realize I couldn't turn the video camera on its side. Ha. Oops., but don't worry, I fix it party through the video:

This next video is of our pit-stop. Very thrilling. (-:

This next video involves Mark's cassettes and the joy he experiences with them:

Impressive, eh? And here is our final video after our arrival on the first leg of the trip. We got this hotel off of for $50. So now you can see what we got with us!

And there you have it. Do you feel like you were with us in the car? I bet you wish you were in that backseat with the cooler. (-:

Until tomorrow, Ciao!



  1. Haha. I can't believe I watched each and every one of those videos. Not sure what that says about me...

  2. You two are too cute....I have to say my fave video has to be the 'Don't worry, be happy one'.....sing it Mark!!! :)

  3. Wow.... I love it! Since I could not go, this helps so much! Keep the videos comin'

  4. Oh my gosh your husband's...I forgot the word, just the way that he is so funny! These videos were a good idea! So cute!

  5. Hey I watched all of the videos too! You guys look like fun! Wouldn't mind being a "fly on the wall". Especially with those tunes playing! Woohoo!

    "don't happy..."


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