Monday, June 22, 2009

A Father's Day to Remember

So, yesterday was Father's day. The one day a year people pay homage to their Fathers, shower them with gifts, and express their love.

Yesterday, Mark and I piled in his 1998 2 door white Honda Civic (that still doesn't have a muffler) with our dogs, Brinkley and Miguel. Both of our fathers reside in a town about an hour away, so we had a brilliant idea. We would drop Brinkley off at my mom's house so he could play outside with his brother (Reese), and then head on to Tahlequah. Well, about 30 minutes into the trip, we pull off the highway on the road toward my mom's house. As we start to accelerate, the car dies.

Mark's like, "um the car just died".
I'm like, "that's okay, just put in park, and try to restart it" and i turned off the air conditioner. He did that, and the car did not start.
I asked, "Well, is the engine hot?"
He responds, "I dunno."

So, I lean over to peek at the temperature gauge which was COMPLETELY through the roof. Not only was the engine hot, it had completely overheated to the point of shutting the car off. Great.

So, there we are, barely into the parking lot of a Dollar General in the car. With the dogs. Did I mention it's like 100 degrees outside? Because it is. Brinkley, the huge mammoth dog, is in the back seat panting like he's in a competition. Little Miguel (who has zero teeth) is sitting on my lap panting with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth because he doesn't have any teeth to keep his tongue in place (he's 13 years old). So I tell Mark we have to get water for the dogs. So he goes and buys some water and I start giving it the dogs and they are like continually drinking it. Thankfully, my sister was only ten minutes away so she came and got us and the dogs.

 We waited at my mom's for an hour or so until Mark's parents came and drove us to my apartment. We had to leave Brinkley at my mom's (he's too huge to put in their car with four people). So Mark's car is at a convenience store, Brinkley is at my mom's, we never made it to my dad's (who turns out wasn't home anyway - what's that about?). 

So, today, Mark and my brother are taking a tow dolly to get the car. So I'm in my brother's car, my brother is in his fiance's Xterra, and she's in my car. And Mark doesn't have one. Poor guy.

I just hope the car won't cost a million bucks to fix. It already has 215,000 miles on it.

Whew. And I was ready for a relaxing Father's day with Fathers. 

It's always something.


  1. I blame the oriental car (Jap auto-maker)!! You need to buy American! The new Government Motors (GM) has all kinds of wonderful, reliable cars! I hear they are the best and most dependable on the market.
    Let's roll! Buy American! These colors don't run! Support the troops! Better dead than red! Obama is a covert muslim and his birth certificate is fake! Bush knocked down the towers and blew up the levies!

  2. Yeah, too bad the American cars wouldn't have even made it to the 215,000 mile mark. (-: I'm excited to come to your house this weekend, John! ~Kathryn


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