Friday, June 19, 2009

Three Current Pursuits - Part I - Health

Kathryn has been after me for some time to make a post, and I just have not made time to do it. Well I have set aside some time to write and actually have a series of posts to start about some of my current pursuits. I expect that most of you will likely relate to at least one of these pursuits. Today's topic is my most urgent pursuit, which is my health.

My reasons for wanting to improve my health are both short and long-term in scope. In the immediate future, I will be tested to see if I qualify for the preferred rate for life insurance. Additionally, I am getting married and want to be thinner for the wedding and the cruise. In the long-term, I have simply gotten way too fat and out of shape and do not want to sustain that state any longer. On top of those things, with Kathryn coming aboard as my wife I will have a full-time cheerleader encouraging me and keeping me accountable to this goal.

In order to pull this off, I am (surprise!) exercising regularly and cutting calories. Did you think this would involve rocket science? Coffee is my only consistent vice at this point, but I justify that because it seems to provide some degree of appetite suppression. For those that don't know, I have a serious problem with eating for pleasure in massive quantities and treating my body as a proverbial amusement park, so this is a big step for me. Although I have exercised consistently at various times even while I have been overweight, I have never aimed for or seen significant weight loss due to my dietary bad habits.

So far I have seen solid returns dropping from 201 pounds to under 190. Of course my weight fluctuates throughout the day like the stock market, and my new "floor" is 186. I would like to be consistently under 180 ASAP because that is when the real work begins. It's always easier to lose weight when you are at your fattest because you have the most to lose (as % of your overall body weight). At that point I will have to up the intensity and possibly incorporate weightlifting to continue to lose at the same rate. I want to finish somewhere between 160-170 and stay in that range going forward. That should allow me to keep good health, eat sensibly, and stay in top form for my wife.

The biggest challenge so far? Probably not eating inexpensive fast food. My biggest vices in this area are SuperSonic Breakfast Burritos, Taco Bueno, and any place that has a dollar menu.

The easiest part so far? Knowing that I'm not spending nearly as much money on food. And so you know, it took me quite awhile to come up with an "easiest".

Well I hope this was at least moderately interesting to some of you. If it wasn't, don't expect to be amused by all of my posts. I'm still not back in the hanging of this blogging thing. Oh, and if you like Twitter, check me out at

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  1. I read it. I found it informative. I think your goal is admirable. But I've seen you in th past month and I don't think you are "fat" by any standard of society. You blend in just fine and are probably actually thinner and weigh less that the majority of guys in your age/height demographic.

    -John R.


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