Thursday, June 25, 2009

Three Current Pursuits - Part II - The Bible

Recently, I learned that our church was organizating a group to read the entire Bible straight through in a 90-day span. Since it was set to start in June and run through August, I thought it would be a perfect time for me since it would take me right up to the start of football season.

Reading the Bible has always been something that I have enjoyed, but recently I have displayed a tendency (like so many of us do) to only read the relatively digestible stuff like Psalms, the Gospels, and the New Testament Epistles. Although I have read several Old Testament books multiple times, I have neglected most of the prophets and the latter three books of the Pentateuch. I am faced with the reality that if I really want to know the person of God, I have to go to the source--not just the parts that are convenient and easy to read, but the whole thing. And the fact that I will be doing it all in 90 days allows for somewhat of a bird's eye view.

So, since 6/3 I have set out to read the entire Bible in a 90-day span. So far I am on schedule, having finished I Samuel yesterday. It has gotten easier now that I have found a way to read on the treadmill using "BibleZines". They are sections of the Bible produced in the form of a magazine. I think they were originally created in an attempt to make the Bible "cool" for teens and young adults. In that aspect they fail (at least in my opinion), but they are wonderful for the treadmill.


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  1. Good to know about the Biblezines! I haven't heard of those. I did download an app for my Blackberry that is coming in quite handy :)


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