Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon + Kate brings hate

Let me first qualify this post by stating that I watch very little TV, zero reality TV, and have seen the show, Jon & Kate Plus Eight exactly one time EVER. Based on recent reality TV history (I can't help but hear about it despite my best efforts), the break-up of Jon & Kate Gosselin should come as a surprise to no one. This is simply one more in a long line of reality TV couples to split.

My personal theory on the matter is that having TV cameras around 24/7 in ANY marriage is asking for trouble. Every couple is going to have their challenges with0ut each one of them magnified under the microscope of national TV. As we can attest to with the 50% divorce rate, maintaining a healthy marriage is no small feat even without constant media attention. When you combine regular, every day challenges with a nation audience the mundance conflicts seem big and the real issues appear huge.

Based on the radio commentary I heard on the situation this morning, many are saying Kate is crazy and does have legitimate issues that few men would want to deal with. However, Jon certaily found a way to deal with them for 10 years up until now. It was only when the media microscope came in that the situation changed. Would have still split up without all the extra attention and scrutiny? Maybe, but we'll never know.

What do you think? Does media attention make relationships more challenging?



  1. It's me, Kathryn, and I'm gonna have to go with yes. I think media attention makes a person much more self focused, and you can't be self focused and make a marriage work. That's my two cents.


  2. I watched that horrible show last night for only the 2nd time. Frankly, it was incredibly boring. They just said the same thing over and over: "We love our kids. We do everything for our kids".
    My evaluation was:
    Jon: a burnt out, monotone, seething, shell of a man. Did not try to impress or play to the cameras at all. Instead almost seemed burdned by them.
    Kate: fake, melodramatic, wound-up and manipultive. Everything she said was Obama-esque in that every word seemed to be laboriously chosen for effect and to play to the audience and cameras.

    The two of them never once said "marriage", "relationship", "counseling", or "husband or wife". EVERYTHING was about, regarding, and for the children. That is NOT what relationship or marriage is supposed to be.
    I found it very uncomfortable to sit there and witness their lives and marriage fall apart, and I do not understand why no one (none of the show's producers, and no friends or family) seemed interested in stepping in and saving them from disaster. At least suggest advice! At least push for counseling and communication!


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