Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Wedding Shower

Today Mark and I had our first wedding shower with a group of dear friends! We had so much fun and got some awesome gifts. yay!!!!

I am super excited about all the gifts. Here's some pictures...

We got three of the items in a set of bathroom accessories for which I registered. We got a cute toothbrush holder, a soap dispenser, AND a cotton jar - I've always wanted one of those. Aren't they adorable?
Anyway, we also got KitchenAid hand mixer!!! Yay! I will definitely be using that for cookies

And we got an airbake cookie sheet and an AWESOME KitchenAid rolling pin. I love making pies and baking, and I am so excited to use the rolling pin. It is non-stick and heavy - very nice. Much better than my cheap, $5.00 wood one. I'll have to let you guys know how it is.
And we also got this awesome Acacai wood cutting board. It has grip on the bottom so it won't slide around while I'm using it and I'm pretty sure the type of wood doesn't swell, and it's really nice and fun looking. Apparently there's no picture of the cutting board, but I assure you, it's pretty awesome.
We are so excited about all our gifts. It was so fun and great to get them. Yay!!
We are getting a couple hours to relax this weekend before the (short) workweek. We will likely take the boys to the dog park later. They love to play with other dogs.
Oh, and Mark's car is definitely dead. Blown head gasket. So we're down to one car. We're working on that....
Happy Sunday!


  1. You got lots of great stuff! Love those bathroom accessories!

  2. I use my kitchen aid mixer for milkshakes in the summer has the perfect milk shake attachment!
    ps love the blog!


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