Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Wedding Gift!!!

Okay, so I sent out the first batch of invitations last Thursday. Since, as I previously mentioned, I love mail, I was SOOO excited to get my first RSVP cards back. Well, Monday was like the best day of my life. I checked the mail before going into my apartment, and I had TWO RSVP cards, and one congratulatory card from a friend on the engagement. So that was awesome, especially since one of the rsvp cards had a wedding check in it. So, I was pretty pumped about that.

Then I got back in my car from the mail area and drove to my apartment. As I was about to walk up stairs to my apartment, I thought I saw the corner of a cardboard box near my front door. Now, before, my eyes have played tricks on me and I have imagined packages and they haven't been there. So, I tried to calm myself down as I walked up the stairs. I turned there corner and there. it. was. Not just any box. We'r
e talking mother-of-all boxes, almost big enough for a refrigerator (okay not that big, but still, I could fit in it). I was ecstatic. I ran into my apartment and immediately worked to get the box open. Inside was the mother of all gifts. A gift that I put on my registry but didn't expect to get but have always wanted and hoped for....

A down featherbed. And an attached card from the gift giver that made me laugh out loud. (you know something's funny if you laugh out loud and you are alone.)

Oh my gosh. I was acting like a 5 year old on Christmas. Literally - like squeeling and all. I tore the sheets of my bed and flung that sucker on there and put my sheets back on and jumped on my bed. Brinkley (see large dog in photo) jumped on there with me, too, because I think he realized that since I was so excited, the featherbed must be pretty cool. (Plus, he chills on my bed while I'm at work, so he felt some ownership). 

I felt like I was in heaven. On a cloud. It was magnificient. I don't know if any wedding gift will be able to top this. I'm doubtful.

Anyway, the only downside (ha ha, get it? "down" side?) is that it was VERY, VERY hard for me to get out of bed this morning. That's just a price I will have to pay.


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